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What do our Clients say about us?

Ondřej Coufalik

Founder & CEO

" What I appreciate the most about Abdu & the team is that they always had my back. Building the playbooks, ICP, Persona's which was my nightmare, and especially in the beginning as you are constantly failing. Saleshup helped us hire, onboard and ramp-up new colleagues doing 3x month over month growing."

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Jade Armstrong

Director of Sales

Saleshup introduced our new CRM system, enabling us to effortlessly access essential data and promptly respond to what is effective, what is not, and where our focus should be directed in the future. Additionally, they assisted us in establishing new outbound KPIs for the company. We extend our gratitude to Saleshup for their valuable support. 

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Mike Dums_edited.png

Mike Dums

Senior AE

"Saleshup stepped in and helped me ramp up 3 times faster than I expected. In less than 1 month, their guidance enabled me to generate up to 9 opportunities weekly for Survio (through cold contacting) and close my first deal with Eurowings"

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