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Cold Calling

Cold-calling has pivoted in this post-Covid era. Methods that were used to produce results are slowly dying out. Having clear methodology and a defined strategy coupled with the right processes is the way forward to achieving positive results.

Cold Emails

Writing email sequences is not as straight forward when every organization is trying the same rinse & repeat strategies & methodology. We sell when we stop selling. Intrigued? Ask us about it we are happy to chat.

Linkedin & inmail

Reaching clients on linkedin especially in the fast paced era we are living in today is an art. The Saleshup team uses cadences to enable SDRs to convert connections to meetings & demos.

Multi Channel

With the attention span that most have shifted to, it is very difficult to choose one focus point and grasp attention. We believe in using a multi channel approach to ensure the message reaches the ICP.

Mike Dums

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